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Baby Nursery Ideas: Tips for Boy, Girl or Neutral Baby Nursery

Prepping for a baby on the way is one of the most exciting and anxiety-inducing things a parent can do. On one hand, you finally get to put all that baby room inspo you saw on Instagram to good use. But on the other, you’re faced with the realization of that baby is coming, whether you’re ready or not. So, we’re giving you the rundown of all the things you should actually consider when planning and setting up your baby’s nursery.

Tips for Preparing a Nursery Room

One of the first decisions you have to make when planning a nursey is deciding which room it will be in. For most, it’s whatever room is available. But for those with multiple options, here are some things to consider:

Is it close enough to your bedroom?

When you’re dealing with a baby that wakes up every few hours, the less distance you have to travel when you’re half asleep, the better.

Does it share a wall with noisy areas of the house?

Your ability to rest is completely dependent on how much your baby sleeps. If possible, try to avoid sharing walls with noisy places, such as bathrooms or living rooms where noisy things happen.

Is it on the second floor?

If climbing up and down stairs all day is your thing then great! You’ll be racking up your step count left and right. If not though, consider a room on the first floor.

How much furniture will fit?

If you have to make a decision based on lack of space, must-haves include (in order of importance): 1. Crib, 2. Changing table, 3. Rocking chair, and 4. Dresser. Any space leftover is completely up to you.

Does it have good lighting?

Changing a diaper at noon is not the same as changing one at midnight, especially if you have obscenely bright lighting you can’t adjust. Consider installing a dimmer switch or purchase a nightlight to keep you and your baby’s eyes safe from bright lights.

Crib with toys hanging on it

Full Checklist of Nursery Essentials

  • Crib or bassinet for sound snoozing

  • Crib mattress for more comfortable sleep

  • Crib sheets for changing when accidents happen

  • Changing table for handling the dirty business

  • Rocking chair or glider for rocking baby to sleep

  • Hamper for all those dirty onesies

  • Diapers and wipes for keeping them dry

  • Diaper pail for throwing away dirty diapers and containing smell

  • Baby monitor for watching over them 24/7

  • Clothing storage for new clothes and ones they grow out of

  • Cradle for when your arms need a rest from holding them

  • Sound machine for covering up noises and helping baby stay asleep

  • Ivory Snow Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent for washing lots of clothes.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Setting a up a space for your newborn baby girl is exciting beyond words. It’s a chance for you to define a space that’s all her own. But with so many styles out there, knowing which one will suit her personality is like trying to predict the future. Here are some popular themes:

  • Florals

  • Pops of pink

  • Rainbows

  • Palm leaves and plant-inspired

  • Boho

  • Earth Tones

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

When you think about a boy’s room, you often think of blue. But today, in a world full of color, textures and patterns, more options are out there for boys nurseries that can make his new space even more personal, cozy, and even modern. Here are some ideas:

  • Safari or jungle

  • Forest or woodland

  • Outer space

  • Dinosaurs

  • Neutrals or earth tones

  • Construction

  • Cars

Neutral Nursery Ideas

Whether you’re waiting to find out the gender or you just want to go another aesthetic route beyond pink and blue, gender-neutral nurseries are a perfect, design-forward option. And even better, matching your home’s overall look is totally encouraged. Here is some gender-neutral themes that would work perfectly in any baby nursery:

  • Modern minimalist

  • Stars or night sky

  • Flora and fauna

  • Explore and travel

  • Magical places

  • Warms and natural tones

Nursery Ideas for Twins

Double the baby, double the fun. For parents with twins on the way, the stress of putting together not one but two cribs, along with everything else, can be a lot to process.

Luckily, we have some easy tips to help you get everything together without so much stress:

Get it done early

Don’t wait until you’re the last trimester to begin planning. Start buying in bulk and get the work out of the way.

Don’t get two of everything

Stick to the essentials, then buy in bulk. Think diapers, wipes, formula, onesies. Most other things can be shared with one exception––the crib. Buy two of them.

Choose a wide rocker

When you have two babies breastfeeding at the same time, a regular rocker just won’t do. Make sure the rocker you choose is wide enough to comfortably hold both babies at the same time.

Buy a sleep sound machine

When babies are sleeping, the littlest noises can jolt them awake. And that’s no good when your own sleep is scarce. Sleep sound machines create a consistent, ambient noise that helps mask sounds and keep them sleeping peacefully.

Select a monitor with two cameras

Even though your little ones might share a room, you’ll still want to have an individual camera on each one to monitor their sleep.

Separate the cribs

If sharing a room, it’s a good to move keep cribs apart so one doesn’t wake the other during sleep. And when they get older, they’ll be less tempted to climb into each other’s crib.

Nursery Ideas for Small Rooms

When space is limited, creating a space for you little one that can grow with them takes a little ingenuity. Consider these easy tips to utilize every inch with purpose:

  • Scale down the crib

Mini cribs have all the things a normal size crib have, just without the bulk. Flexible features, like removable sides allow them to transform into kid-sized beds, which means buying less furniture and more savings.

  • Opt for an alternative changing table

A great space-saving alternative to a traditional changing table is a crib-top changing station. Portable and easy to put away when not in use, it’s the perfect option when you need to free up space.

  • Put up shelving

Keeping things organized and off the ground is key to making a space feel bigger, and shelves do that perfectly. Whether holding books, stuffed animals, or little knick knacks, shelves are both helpful and easy on the eyes.

  • Buy multipurpose furniture

One of the best investments you can make when buying furniture for a small nursery is spending the bit extra on multifunctional pieces. For example, a crib with a drawer system underneath can save space and help save money by avoiding purchasing separate storage.

When it comes down to it, preparing for a baby is a huge undertaking, and even the most prepared parents run into things the wish they had or done differently. One of the most important things to remember is you got this—throughout all the ups and downs, the greatest thing about being a parent and helping your kids grow and discover the world around them.