Baby Shower Ideas

There’s something so fun and gratifying about decorating my house, gathering my favourite friends together, and making the mama-to-be feel extra special. Plus, there’s usually delicious food involved too.

Of course, with three little girls of my own that I stay home with, I don’t have tons of free time to dedicate to throwing an elaborate baby shower.

But just because you don’t have weeks and weeks to dedicate to planning doesn’t mean you can’t have a really lovely and fun event. Here are some of my best baby shower ideas:

Keep the baby shower gifts simple and useful.

Since I’m usually rushing around to get last-minute things ready for the baby shower, I need baby gifts I can pick up at the store while I’m also picking up other necessities instead of having to make a special trip to a baby store. I love giving a pack of diapers (always useful!) and a bottle of Ivory Snow Stage 1: Newborn baby laundry detergent. It’s my favourite baby detergent, and it’s a perfect gift for expecting moms, who need a gentle baby detergent for their newborn baby’s sensitive skin. Ivory Snow Newborn is hypoallergenic and is specially formulated to be gentle on your baby’s skin. With Ivory Snow, the new mommy can wash all the baby clothing she gets at the shower and have them gentle and ready for her new baby to wear. You might also want to add a bottle of Ivory Snow: Fragrance Free laundry detergent, the detergent mom will want to start using when her newborn becomes an active baby and starts eating solid foods. Tie a ribbon around each bottle, and you don’t even have to wrap them! Easy, practical, and an always-appreciated baby gift.

Fresh flowers are the best decorations.

Sometimes it feels like every baby shower party has to be a huge Pinterest-worthy production. No reason to kill yourself making homemade garlands and coming up with an elaborate theme. A few simple bouquets of flowers make it feel festive and pretty (and bonus! You get to have fresh flowers around after the party is over). Using one type of flower across your entire home is best for creating a unified look. If you have a lot of flowers, you can send a few home with each guest, too, as a pretty favour.

Pick easy-to-eat food.

Especially if you’re hosting in a house that doesn’t have tons of table seating, most people are going to be standing to eat or balancing their food on their knees. Pick things that don’t need silverware, like mini quiches, chips or veggies with dip, fresh fruit, and pastries. Plus, you’ll cut down on possible spills, and the last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of time cleaning my carpets after the baby shower is over.

Skip the baby shower games.

Don’t stress out about trying to plan clever games. Every time I’ve been to a baby shower, all the women just want to chat and when it’s time for the games, it interrupts the flow of the conversation and party. Let everyone just enjoy some adult conversation and food, and cross one item off your prep list.

Pick a date far enough away from the due date.

You don’t want to have to cancel the baby shower if that baby decides to make an appearance a few weeks early. Of course, you can never guarantee that a baby won’t be super early, but you’re less likely to run into this problem if you pick a date at least four to six weeks before the guest of honour’s due date. Plus, this will give her time after the shower to get all the new baby clothing washed and put away and write some thank-you cards before that baby arrives.

Have fun!

It’s not about throwing the most elaborate or perfect shower. It’s about gathering friends to let a new mommy know how much she and her baby are loved and cared for.