Baby’s Sense of Touch

As both a pediatrician and a mom, I know how important the sense of touch is for a newborn. Newborns constantly move their little hands and feet to explore their environment, while their cheeks try to cuddle with anything that they can get close to! This is why I recommend Ivory Snow Stage 1: Newborn baby detergent to my patients. It is also what I used for washing baby clothes when my children were babies.

It is a hypoallergenic laundry detergent and it’s gentle for babies, but my favourite quality is its amazing baby scent. I get excited when a baby enters my office with that Ivory Snow smell on his clothes. I also feel assured that I do not have to worry that the detergent is causing rashes or dermatitis on their extra-sensitive skin.

During my prenatal interviews with expectant families, I recommend that they wash baby clothes in Ivory Snow detergent prior to using new infant clothing.

Babies like to swing their arms and legs about. By four months, rolling is their choice of transportation! If their clothes are washed in Ivory Snow detergent, I am confident that they are getting a gentle clean. The same goes for sleepwear, sleep sacs, and crib sheets. This enables babies to move around freely without getting irritated by their clothing. Ivory Snow prevents the formation of those rough fuzzies on clothing. Babies love sensory stimulation. They are always rubbing their face against their mattress or even your chest. That is why I recommend that parents wash their own clothing in Ivory Snow detergent, too!