How to Get Stains Out of Baby Clothes

To Ivory Snow, motherhood is a journey of Amazinghood! Why Amazinghood? Because “motherhood” doesn’t quite capture all the thrilling, joyful, uncertain, fascinating, and, yes, messy moments you encounter on your journey as a mom.

Thanks to runny noses, sticky fingers, and a dozen things in between, you’re probably already well aware of what an expert stain-maker your little bundle of joy can be. Now that your baby is a little older, more active, and eating solid foods, a whole new array of challenging stains awaits you… cue the mashed pea mayhem!

But that mashed pea mayhem doesn’t have to survive the next wash. Ivory Snow: Fragrance Free laundry detergent is specially designed for your crawling, active baby. It is tough on food stains, but is still gentle on babies’ skin.

All kinds of foods can stain your baby’s clothing. Some baby foods stain worse than others, depending on their ingredients, and on how vigorously your little one mushes them into his clothes. Expect to find stains of all kinds, in all sorts of unexpected places…

You might be wondering how to remove stains from your active baby’s clothes. Start by scraping off any crusted-on foods; this will give your baby’s clothes a fighting chance! Then, wash those clothes with a baby detergent that is tough on stains and gentle on babies’ skin, such as Ivory Snow: Fragrance Free.

Baby’s first year is a messy one, but Ivory Snow has you covered every step of the way!